Lent Day 43: “I Have Seen the Lord!”



Close your eyes and quiet your thoughts. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you seek and find Jesus in whatever way he chooses to show himself.


John 20:1-18


1) In verses 1-10, Mary Magdalene and the disciples run looking for Jesus but do not find him in the way they had expected? Do you identify with them at all? In what way? Are there any times that Jesus has shown up in your life in a way you did not expect?

2) Jesus said to her, “Mary.” She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic,”Rabboni!” [which means “Teacher”] (v. 16).

Mary did not recognize Jesus until he spoke her name. Then, she turned to recognize him as her teacher. Are there any times in your life where you have felt Jesus speaking your name and possibly inviting you to recognize him in a new way?


Take a few minutes to thank Jesus for all of the ways he appears in your life.

In verse 17, Jesus says, “Go instead to my brothers and tell them…” Ask Jesus what he may want you to tell others about him and to give you the opportunity to do so.

Guest writer: Erin Brehm

“Leap of Faith” is a devotional series on the Gospel of John for the Lent season. All readings are available on the Vineyard One NYC app, along with additional resources for Bible reading, worship, and prayer (IPhone app here; Google Play app here).


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