Lent Day 15: There are No Limits on His Love



Find a place where you can be still and sense God’s presence. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand Jesus’ boundless love for you.


John 7


In verse 51, Nicodemus asks, “Is it legal to convict a man before he is given a hearing?

The Pharisees respond, “Are you from Galilee too? Search the scriptures and see for yourself no prophet ever comes from Galilee!”

The Pharisees have studied the law and are staunch about keeping it. They are no strangers to the supernatural events that fill Jewish history: the flood, the opening of the Red Sea, and the battle where the Sun stood still until the conflict was won. Each event was attributed to a mighty, all-powerful God. The same God raised Prophets to communicate with the Jewish nation, calling them to deliver Gods warning, judgments, and love. And yet here are the Pharisees, believing that raising a prophet from Galilee is something God cannot do.

Through Jesus, we have access to an almighty, all-powerful, compassionate and loving God, one who relentlessly loves and seeks us. How has God acted in your life recently? Do you hold any preconceived ideas about God’s limits that might be limiting his power in your life?


Ask God to show you someone you can encourage today. Remind them that God has already given us his son to show us his heart for us. There are no limits on his love.

Guest writer: Mercy Perez


“Leap of Faith” is a devotional series on the Gospel of John for the Lent season. All readings are available on the Vineyard One NYC app, along with additional resources for Bible reading, worship, and prayer (IPhone app here; Google Play app here).


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