Lent Day 6: His Light Illuminates the World



Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your devotional time.


John 3:1-21


1) In verses 1-15, imagine yourself sitting and observing Jesus speaking to Nicodemus about spirit and being born again. What images or phrases hold your attention? Do you have any questions for Jesus, as Nicodemus did, about what it means to be born again?

2) We often focus solely on John 3:16, learning about eternal life but losing sight of what is said right after in verse 17: “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” God loves us so much that not only did he give his Son but he did it in a spirit of wanting to save us, not condemn us. Are there any ways in which you feel condemned and would like to trade that for a feeling of being saved?


In verses 16-21, Jesus speaks about how his light illuminates the world but many hide from it for fear of being exposed. Prayerfully examine if there are any areas of your life that you would like to invite Jesus to illuminate today.


Guest Writer: Erin Brehm

“Leap of Faith” is a devotional series on the Gospel of John for the Lent season. All readings are available on the Vineyard One NYC app, along with additional resources for Bible reading, worship, and prayer (IPhone app here; Google Play app here).


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