Lent Day 2: Jesus Calls You to “Come”




Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your devotional time. Read the assigned passage, then proceed through the “Reflect and Pray” and “Obey” sections.


John 1:35-51


The arrival of Jesus stands out to in this passage. He comes on the scene without advertising or fanfare. God, Jesus’ father, gave witness of him by descending the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove to reveal his identity. Two of John’s disciples heard John the Baptist declare, “Look! There is the Lamb of God!”  Without hesitation, they followed Jesus. They were ready and had been waiting to receive and follow the Messiah. This portion of scripture invites us not to fear or hesitate in continuing to welcome Jesus into our daily life and activities and to follow the leading of the disciples as they heeded the word “Come.”

1) In what ways are you invited to welcome Jesus into your daily life?

2) Jesus also calls you to “Come.” Is there anything in your life he is asking you to leave behind for his sake? (Keep in mind sometimes the things that hold us back can be very good things in and of themselves. John’s disciples left behind John in order to follow Jesus; they left something good and true because something better had been revealed to them. In the same way, Jesus might be inviting you to move away from something good because he has a better, deeper calling in mind. Ask him for wisdom and discernment to hear the specifics of his call.)


Give thanks that the Holy Spirit has revealed Jesus to you. Thank Jesus for inviting you to follow, and choose to answer his call to “Come.” Let him bring his life, hope, and healing into your everyday life and activities.

Guest writer: Mercy Perez

“Leap of Faith” is a devotional series on the Gospel of John  for the Lent season. All readings are available on the Vineyard One NYC app, along with additional resources for Bible reading, worship, and prayer (IPhone app here; Google Play app here).

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