God’s Deliverance from the War Within: Romans 7:15-25


Day 30 of my 30-day writing challenge / Summer in the Psalms

This series from my church follows the readings in the Revised Common Lectionary, beginning with a sermon based on Psalm for the week and followed by written reflections from other Bible passages from that same week.

Guest writer: Mercy Perez


Romans 7:15-25a


“Waging War.” These are strong words. The picture that comes to mind is a land full of desolation and destruction. Sounds of artillery as loud as thunder. Two sides determined to annihilate each other. Walls of smoke so thick it’s difficult to judge how much ground the enemy is gaining.

Paul writes about a war that is being waged against him. The war is not from an outside force determined to take him down. He’s engaged in an internal struggle where he wants to do good, but evil is right there with him. He even called himself a wretched man.

How many of us struggle like this? We want to do the right thing, but still succumb to negative thoughts, our inadequacies keeping us from hearing the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

In his message on Sunday, our speaker talked about struggling with his thoughts when he believed God was leading his family and him in a new direction: moving from New York City to Syracuse. But the moment he surrendered, not allowing the voices of fear to overtake him, he began to see God was in control and was working things out step by step.

As believers in the Giver of Life, we have a God that can and will deliver us from the war that wages in us. We have a Commander in Chief that is strategically fighting the war against evil with us and for us. His love and his grace cut through the smoke and distractions.


Take a moment to listen for God’s leading. As the Holy Spirit brings quiet to your spirit, you will recognize God’s voice among the noise.

Pray, as Paul did, “Thanks be to God, who delivered me through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

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