Freedom in Christ: Psalm 13 and Romans 6


Day 23 of my 30-day writing challenge / Summer in the Psalms

From my church’s preaching and reflection series on the Psalms and associated readings in the Revised Common Lectionary

Guest writer: Mary Lynn Erigo


Psalm 13

Romans 6:12-23


David writes Psalm 13 because his soul is in deep anguish. He cries out to his God: How long will it be until you help me? You know my situation. You know it’s a matter of life and death. You know my pain and my anxiety. I’m crying out to You and yet I hear no answer. Why are mean and uncaring people free from pain and sorrow, while mine are never ending? How long will you let me be hurt by people who hate me?

Isn’t this a prayer that we all cry at times?

David is likely talking about physical enemies, those who would keep him from the throne that God gave him. In Romans 6:12-23, Paul tells us that sin is also our enemy and a matter of life and death. It enslaves us, taking us away from relationship with God and His loving design for our life.

David is led out of his despair by turning to his Lord and reflecting on God’s loving kindness and compassion towards him, every day of his life. He trusts that God has been good to him in the past and will be again. Paul’s words for us are even more encouraging. Christ has delivered us from our slavery to sin and made it possible for us to have eternal freedom with God. As we choose to obey God, rather than our sinful desires, His life continues to grow in us.

Over and over, God rescues us, both body and soul. Lean on Him, wait for Him, trust Him. His love for you is great.


Take the time now and go to God. Know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He will not abandon you.You are so important to Him that he sent his Son to rescue you.

Whether you are burdened by circumstances, another person, or your own struggles with sin, leave this heavy load at the cross and trust that God will set you free from it when He knows it’s time.

Show Him how much you trust Him in this. Let Him hold you in His arms and bring you through.

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